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Scamp Camper Part 6

In this post I’ll be showing you the finishing touches we added to my Scamp. These photos are mostly cell phone pictures, which I hate, but with so much moving around in such a small space, it was a little unnerving keeping the camera in there while we were working. First is cabinetry. We kept […]

Scamp Camper Part 5

In my last post I mentioned that while I was working on the walls of the Scamp, my dad was busy completely replacing the floor. After pulling up carpet and laminate flooring when we bought her, we discovered that the plywood subfloor was completely rotten. Dad took all of the floor out, then used it […]

Scamp Camper Part 4

After removing as much paint as I could, and determining that what was left was stuck on enough to paint over, I began priming the ensolite. From the moment I rolled on that first swatch of primer I knew that I was about to witness a major transformation. I used Kilz primer that is made […]

Scamp Camper Part 3

In my last update I talked a little about ensolite, the foam-backed vinyl covering the walls of the Scamp. When I got it, the Scamp’s walls had been painted many,┬ámany┬átimes. The most recent coats of paint were a bright baby blue, high-gloss paint and they had began to peel in various areas. After I brought […]

Scamp Camper Part 2

After we got finished cleaning all of the junk out of the Scamp, the next task was to remove all of the furniture so we could assess the condition of the shell. Here is the rear of the Scamp after we removed one of the two benches. The original floor covering had already been removed […]

Scamp Camper Part 1

One of the main things I wanted to share on this blog is the transformation of my early 1970s Scamp travel trailer. I purchased my Scamp in the summer of 2012 and over the next year, along with my family, began a complete restoration. Over a series of posts I want to share with everyone […]