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OOTD: Fall Transitions

Today was rainy and dreary, but I had already picked out this dress so I decided to pair it with some booties and wear it despite the weather. I added a pop of color with this teal skinny belt and accessorized with this gold bicycle necklace that pairs with the gold hardware on the belt. […]

OOTD: Mixing Black and Brown

This outfit post is basically an example of what I wear each day to class. Here in the South it’s that time in early fall when the mornings are chilly but the afternoons are pretty hot. It’s best to dress in layers so you don’t burn up on the walk back from class in the […]

OOTD: 30s Inspired Romper

Since summer is almost over, I’ve been trying to get one more wear out of my favorite warm-weather items. I’ve had this romper for a couple years and I love it for its 1930s beach feel.  

OOTD: Sequin Shorts for Daytime

I am always looking for an excuse to wear these sequin shorts. I love them but they do attract a lot of looks. Thankfully that’s never bothered me, so I decided to style them for daytime wear the other day. I dressed them down with the denim shirt and accessorized with vintage 60’s jewelry pieces. […]