October Ipsy Bag!

A couple weeks ago I received my second Ipsy bag, but haven’t had a chance to blog about it, so here goes. The theme for October’s bag was “The Art of Beauty,”


The first item I received in this month’s bag was this Zoya nail polish in “Giovanna.” I enjoy getting nail polish, but this shade is not something that I would wear so I decided to keep it sealed and gift it for Christmas.


The second thing in my bag was a mica eyeshadow by Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics. I received a navy shade. It has a great texture and a pretty sheen, but the color is so dark that its something most people would reserve only for certain occasions. I played around with it for Halloween and was really impressed with its texture and application. The thing I was most surprised with, however, is that on the brand’s website it states EIGHT ways to use this product! Two of the strangest suggestions are mixing it with clear nail polish and using it to create hair streaks. So, there’s obviously a way for anyone to use this product if they’re creative enough!


Next I got a sample of this face cream. I’m not really into getting skincare in my bags because I don’t really switch up my skincare routine, but I understand that other people enjoy these so it’s no biggie. However, I did try this product, and it is UNUSABLE. The smell is so strong! I thought the smell was never going to go away. One user on Ipsy’s website described it as “citronella candle,” and I couldn’t agree more. Many people seem to be having the same reaction. This was without a doubt the worst product in my bag, solely because of the smell.


I also received this spray clay from Sexy Hair. I’ve used it on my hair both straight and curly and agree with most Ipsy commenters that it works best on straight styles. However, I love big, messy natural hair and so I didn’t mind how it worked on my curly hair. It was a little sticky, but if you’re going for a bedhead look it’s fine. I also used it on curly hair, then straightened my hair the next morning without washing it and my straight hair had more volume than it normally does. I love new hair samples because you don’t have to commit to the price of a full-size, and I enjoyed trying this product.


Last I got this medium shadow brush from Coastal Scents, and I LOVE IT. I have very expensive brushes in my collection and this brush holds its own amongst all of them. I will definitely be trying out more of these products in the future!

Overall I would say that this bag was just okay. If the polish and the eye pigment had been in different shades this bag would have been near perfect, but half the fun of these bags is the gamble of not knowing what you’re going to get! I can’t wait for next month’s bag!

Note: All photos from ipsy.com

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