Scamp Camper Part 5

In my last post I mentioned that while I was working on the walls of the Scamp, my dad was busy completely replacing the floor. After pulling up carpet and laminate flooring when we bought her, we discovered that the plywood subfloor was completely rotten. Dad took all of the floor out, then used it as a template to make the new floor.  After cutting the plywood he coated the exposed bottom with resin and the top with a coat of kilz primer.


9266293944_b324f99bc8After getting the floor in the camper he had to sand the old fiberglass on the camper’s frame so that he could replace it with a new layer. He used fiberglass cloth and resin and went around the entire rim of the camper both underneath and inside. This made the floor sturdy, protected from weather, and most importantly reinforced the thin fiberglass body.  After all of this was finished it was time to lay the new laminate. We bought these wood style laminate sheets from Lowe’s and tried to wait until a warm day to lay the boards.

9263518195_4f1251a796 9263518789_e732a26b4a


Despite following the directions to the letter we have had some problems with the floor already. The sheets shift and some even came unglued within a matter of days. For now we are just working around this problem, but eventually we will probably peel the floor up and use a different, more permanent glue instead of the self-adhesive backing on the sheets. Despite all that I will say that I am very happy with the look of the floor. It is so clean and light and it really transformed the look of the camper in a matter of minutes.

I’m so excited to share the next few posts with all of you. Soon I’ll be covering finishing touches, curtains, upholstery, and even my first trip in the Scamp!


  1. I’ve considered some woody floor for mine, too. But never could figure out how to manage the problem of spreading and shifting in the laminate. I do think a rubberish glue like Goop could take it on, so am considering that…

  2. We’re just getting ready to replace the floor in our ‘86 Scamp, and I found your blog! If you still check it, I have a question for you: we can’t figure out how to get the front bench out – is there a trick to it?

    1. Hey! I’m actually working on my Scamp again! The front bench is riveted if I remember correctly. Look under the square access panel in the middle of the bench.

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