Scamp Camper Part 4

After removing as much paint as I could, and determining that what was left was stuck on enough to paint over, I began priming the ensolite. From the moment I rolled on that first swatch of primer I knew that I was about to witness a major transformation. I used Kilz primer that is made to kill bacteria and odors. Even though I washed the walls with bleach, I wasn’t convinced that they were clean and this let me rest assured that none of the previous owner’s grime would remain in my camper.





After two coats of primer I went ahead with paint. I chose to paint the Scamp’s interior in a bright white. I felt that it would best give it that clean, new look, plus it would provide a blank canvas for fabric colors and decor later in the restoration.


While I was painting, Dad was working on the floor, which I’ll cover in my next post. Thanks for looking!



  1. Looking forward to seeing more. We are about to start the renovations on our scamp as well and are thrilled to see someone walking through the process…

    1. So excited to meet another Scamp owner. They really are such a fun and unique trailer, and they’re worth all the work when you finally get to camp in them for the first time! Thanks for posting and thanks for reminding me to get back to updating!

  2. Howdy! I’m glad I came across this. I’m early in a marathon refurbishment of my Scamp. I’m saving the interior work till I clean up the structure and outside. But the goo and grime on the ensolite in my older Scamp get me down. I was wondering if Kilz would stay on it and not peel, so I’m very glad to see this worked out for you!

    1. It worked very well overall. I will admit, over a year in and there is some very slight cracking in the new paint in the thicker areas, but only where I did not peel away all of the old paint. The new paint on the bare ensolite is holding up very well. Good luck on your reno!

  3. Gwyn Purvis · · Reply

    Nice work! What did you use to seal the seams of the ensolite? Did you need to reglue the ensolite to any areas of the fiberglass? It looks great and appears to look seamless!

    1. We used caulking to seal the seams.

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