Scamp Camper Part 3

In my last update I talked a little about ensolite, the foam-backed vinyl covering the walls of the Scamp. When I got it, the Scamp’s walls had been painted many, many times. The most recent coats of paint were a bright baby blue, high-gloss paint and they had began to peel in various areas. After I brought it home and started investigating it was clear that this paint was too thick to paint over and had to be removed. Because paint removers would eat through the ensolite, and because it would cost more than I paid for the camper to replace the wall covering, I decided to attempt peeling off all of that paint so I could get to a clear surface to repaint.

ImageHere’s the walls in the rear of the camper after peeling much of the paint off. The blue is the top layer of paint, and the brown is what was several layers underneath. It appeared to be spraypaint and I wasn’t able to get all of it off. The off-white color is the bare ensolite which was stained but otherwise in great condition for its age.


Here’s the wall that the kitchen is on after peeling as much paint as I could get off. To peel the paint I would find a loose piece and then use a putty knife to lift it off in the biggest section possible. Some areas were so loose that I didn’t need the putty knife at all. For harder areas I would heat the paint up with a blow dryer before peeling it. I also learned that if I waited until a hot, humid day I would have better results peeling the paint. It took a few weeks to peel all of the loose paint. It was a lot of work but I’m glad I went ahead with it because otherwise it would have inevitably started peeling once I painted it with yet another layer of paint.

In the next update I’ll show off the walls once they have a fresh coat of white paint. I can’t even explain how much different it looks without these nasty walls!


  1. This is going to be a lot of work, but I am sure it will be great when you finish. Paint can be a lifesaver or a huge headache!

    1. In my case it was definitely a bit of both!

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